ICT in Government, Education and Healthcare

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are playing increasingly transformative roles in Government, Education and Healthcare. Through e-Government portals and associated initiatives, citizen-centric services are now more accessible. The Education sector has witnessed tremendous changes due to ICT as well, with eLearning, blended learning and distance learning now recognized as alternative delivery modes to the traditional classroom delivery. More recently the importance of ICT in Healthcare has gained renewed attention with the need to develop electronic health records by federal and provincial/state governments. The need to develop policies and frameworks, as well as a good understanding of the potential challenges to implementing ICT in Government, Education and Healthcare remain critical success factors. The ICT in Government, Education and Healthcare track invites papers covering a wide array of topics in these areas including but not limited to: Design, Assessment, Review and Management of ICTs; ICT Strategic and Policy issues; and emerging roles and potential impact of ICT on Government, Education and Healthcare.

Recommended Topics
This track encourages the submission of research papers, research-in-progress papers, teaching cases, and panel proposals in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • ICT and eGovernment
  • ICT and Rural Development
  • ICT and Higher Education
  • Emerging and alternative delivery modes
  • ICT in Healthcare
  • Electronic Health Care and Policy issues
  • Technological and Policy dimensions of ICT-mediated Healthcare
  • ICTs and the delivery of government services
  • ICTs and the transformation of government organizations
  • ICTs and increased citizen participation and engagement
  • ICTs and increased government transparency
  • Emerging ICTs in government, education or healthcare
  • Meta-analyses of ICT literature on government, education or healthcare
  • ICTs in education
  • ICTs and distance learning/education
  • ICTs and transformation of the classroom
  • ICTs and transformation of scholarly research
  • ICTs in healthcare delivery
  • ICTs role in improving quality of care
  • ICTs in healthcare self-management
  • ICTs and healthcare information privacy

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